2 Fast: a Disney Channel Original Movie

what if you met yourself…FROM AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE?? Pietro Maximoff thinks he just has when he meets a mysterious boy from a rival school at a track meet.

they look nothing alike, act nothing alike, and have absolutely nothing to do with each other. but both of them are……………….2 FAST!!!!!

based on this post

youre welcome nifty america

quick important announcement ;;


** Hey, everyone!! If I can bug you for a minute, PLEASE sign this pledge here and select Sigma Sigma Sigma as the organization! **

Here’s why I’m asking you to do this…

As a lot of you might know, I’m in a sorority at my college and it’s something that means a lot to me. My sorority’s national philanthropy supports play therapy for children. We raise funds every semester, but my college is not big. This makes raising a lot of money pretty difficult, but we’ve recently been presented with a chance to change this.

As part of Greek Week 2014, Plymouth Rock Assurance is sponsoring a DISTRACTED DRIVING PLEDGE — signing which means you promise not to do things such as texting while behind the wheel. 

When you sign this pledge, the last field says “Organization Name,” which is where you can select my sorority — SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA — from the drop-down menu.

The organization with the MOST signatures will receive $2,500 for their philanthropy!!!!

This is the chance we’ve all been hoping for. Given how small my school is, we’ve never come close to raising $2,500 in a single semester, nor in a single academic year. This is a chance to really give back to such a wonderful cause that doesn’t always get a lot of funding. Please take the few seconds it takes to sign this pledge. 

P.S. - If you could reblog this so that awareness can spread, that would be so helpful! We still need a few hundred signatures to get into first.


i’ve been waiting for this

↳ Because i like Hiddles with bard